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Tag: kids

DIY: Kid’s backseat organizer road trip hack

Here is an easy-to-make organizer to keep the backseat from lapsing into chaos on the road. This will hold snacks, toys, books, and necessities like sunglasses or umbrellas. Here are the steps to make it: 1. Buy a hanging shoe caddy with cubby slots. These are typically long, so you’ll want to clip it to…

DIY: Road trip question card game

This card game is not only simple, but it’s engaging for all members of the car, including the adults. They are durable and spill-proof for the inevitable backseat messiness and chaos. Here are the steps to making this fun addition to your road trip: 1. Print questions Find “Would-You-Rather?” questions on the web. Some have…

Road trip hacks for traveling with kids

Road trips are hard. There’s so much prep for a long excursion, and keeping the kids entertained isn’t the most of your worries. We’ve put together a few “life-hacks” for keeping the kids organized and entertained on the road. Read more for how-to’s and details. 1. Shoe organizer for toys Your kids use a lot…

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