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Avoid a trip to the body shop this holiday season with safe travel tipsIt’s the season for family and friends to come together and enjoy time spent with one another. This can mean travelling by car, along with many others who will head out on the highways and roads. With more travelers, it increases the chances of getting into an accident and needing a body shop in Houston.

Always have patience in traffic. It helps to leave early for your destination so you don’t feel rushed. Prior to leaving and while on the road, remember a few other tips so you get to your destination safely.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Never take a road trip while drowsy. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 72,000 accidents nationwide are caused by drowsy drivers.

If you do travel overnight, consider traveling a short distance and then stopping for a rest break. If you are having difficulty focusing on the road, that is a sign you should not drive.

Monitor the Roads and Weather

Prior to leaving for your road trip, take another look at the road and weather conditions to determine if you could encounter any hazardous travel. If so, pay attention to travel warnings and if it is unsafe for driving, wait until the conditions improve. Follow this same step on the return home.

If you do not feel comfortable driving on snow, look for alternate methods of travel or different routes to take so you can avoid having an accident.

Watch Your Surroundings

Accidents can happen on residential roads, rural roads, and major freeways. No matter the time of day, pay close attention to everything around you while driving. If you are on a busy freeway, pay attention to other cars and anything on the road. When a route takes you down a wooded area, watch for animals such as deer that could dart in front of your car. Watch out for children riding new bikes or playing with toys in residential areas.

At Fogle Collision Centers, a Houston body shop, we want everyone to be safe when traveling for the holidays. If you are in a collision, give us a call for a free estimate and we’ll exceed your expectations for efficient auto body repair.

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