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Here’s how to comply with the Texas no-text law

Texas implemented a state no-text law for drivers in September 2017. While many counties already had cell phone bans, this new law bans reading and writing text communications across the state. For some, it is an adjustment to wait to text or use hands-free devices, which is why we’re providing some tips. Understanding the new…

A man sits in his vehicle behind the wheel, looking at his smartphone.

What you didn’t know about distracted driving

We live in a world with constant distractions, including while we are driving. Smartphones not only consume our attention while we work or at home, but also behind the wheel. Starting September 1, 2017 in Texas, it will be illegal to text and drive. Campaigns are also in place by several organizations nationwide and major cell…

A young woman puts on lipstick in the drivers seat while holding her cell phone with her shoulder.

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