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Tag: distracted driving

distracted driving car accidentScreens in cars located between the driver and passenger, often referred to as vehicle infotainment systems, are becoming a common feature on most newer cars. Like many other devices, including cell phones, these are adding to driver distractions that are adding to distractions that have drivers choosing body shop locations that will repair their car.

The AAA Foundation conducted a study recently that showed while the technology is convenient in some ways, it results in some startling statistics related to distractions while driving.

New Law in the Lone Star State

The most commonly talked about distraction while driving is using a cell phone. That’s why legislation was created to address this issue. As of September 1 in Texas, it is against the law to text, read, or write email or messages on your phone while driving. This law refers to wireless communication devices and does not address the in-car systems.

As with any device, law enforcement officials urge drivers to only focus on the road while operating a vehicle and not concentrating on anything else.

Greater Chance of Having a Collision

In the past, AAA has conducted studies regarding driver distraction and discovered that if a driver stops focusing on the road for just two seconds, that can double the chance of having a car wreck.

The most recent study found that when drivers use the in-car technology systems, on average they had more than 40 seconds of mental and visual distraction. And about 40 percent of drivers nationwide use these systems. The study compared drivers using 30 different types of systems, including those that allowed web surfing and checking social media sites. This can lead to a serious car accident and needing a Houston body shop.

Fogle Collision Centers has been part of the Houston area for many years. We work and live here, and we care about our community. No one wants to experience an accident caused by distracted driving. It is our hope that all drivers in our area do more than follow the laws and focus on the road at all times. If you do get into an accident, we are here to repair your car so you can safely get back on the road again.

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