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Tag: auto repair

A short history of women working with cars

You’ve probably heard the refrain that car repair “is a man’s work.” Well, it may be tough work, but women are equally as capable of the skills it takes to get the job done. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to honor the women in our industry: Mechanics, engineers, pioneers, and business owners. Here…

What is the difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts?

In collision repair, old parts that are damaged must be replaced with new ones. Customers generally prefer OEM parts, but don’t always know their options ahead of time. There are three different kind of parts that can replace the damaged one.  Each one being used can really affect the quality of the repair. The three…

A variety of car parts and tools sit on a black surface.

Get your car ready for a road trip

Are you planning a weekend getaway, or visiting your family for the holidays? It can get complicated just to load the car up with the family just to go to the movies, let alone a long drive. And when you have a long drive, there are other concerns to address before hitting the road other…

Photo shows the back of a hatchback car open, showing a fully-packed interior.

What are the regulations for auto shops in Texas?

Have you ever wondered who requires collision repair shops to be in compliance with regulations? The real answer is that there is not a comprehensive law in Texas that governs collision repair. However, there are still inspections and regulations shops must meet. Any time you have an issue with auto body repairs made to your…

auto body repairs regulation

Why a lifetime warranty is more than a guarantee

When you get your vehicle fixed after a crash, you expect your collision repair to last. Obviously, it doesn’t always happen. This is why it is important to have repairs made at a body shop that offers a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty means the shop guarantees their work will be the best quality, and…

Two people in business attire look at a document on a clipboard.

Why a body shop tech should inspect your collision damage

When a car has been damaged in a wreck, some of the damage will be obvious, such as a broken taillight or a dented door. What is not immediately noticeable, and may be invisible unless you are a trained auto body expert, is any damage that may be behind the body of the vehicle. Technicians…

A green clipboard with a repair checklist, a hammer and measuring tape sit on a table next to a damaged white car.

How to avoid hitting a deer

Annually across the country, there are more than one million deer-related accidents. The Central Texas area is no stranger to these types of collisions and as a local auto body shop, AMM Collision repairs dozens of cars involved in accidents with deer each year. Any time you are driving, it is important to keep your…

Choosing a body shop: Do I have to take my insurance recommendation?

After an accident, your insurance company may recommend an auto body repair shop for your repairs. Some may feel obligated to use the recommended shop, but the choice is always yours on which collision center you want to use. Here are some pointers on how to decide where you want to go. Choose Certified As…

A person in a suit uses their smart phone on a white surface.

Dent repair is easier than you think

  If you have small dings on your car, it may be hard to bring yourself to get dent repair. Smaller dents may be the result of hail, or a minor accident, and are often cosmetic. You may choose not to make the repairs on dents especially if you think repairs will cost more than…

Small round dents stand out on the roof of a dark blue car.

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