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Tag: auto body repair regulations

auto body repairs regulation

 Every local auto body shop has an owner and a manager. While these individuals lead the day-to-day operations of the business, have you ever wondered who requires collision repair shops to be in compliance with any regulations? The real answer is that there is not a comprehensive law in Texas that governs collision repair. However, there are still inspections and regulations that must be met.

Anytime you have an issue with auto body repairs made to your car or the process to make those repairs, you should always speak with the management first. Depending on the issue, there are state agencies and organizations that can assist.

Not What You Paid For

It’s always good practice to review your bill before paying and take a close look at the work that was completed. If you believe unnecessary repairs were made, you were charged for a new part but instead received a used part, or if you paid for a part and it was never replaced, you could contact the Texas Attorney General’s office to determine if your circumstance falls under the Deceptive Trade Practices – Consumer Protection Act.

This goes beyond quality and the body shop’s business practices need to be reviewed because it’s possible this may have happened to more than one customer.

Requirements for Body Shops

All collision repair shops have to follow regulations set forth by state agencies. A Houston body shop, like Fogle Collision Centers, has to follow environmental rules established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

These rules focus on air quality, proper waste disposal, water, and other regulations that body shops must comply with every day. The agency ensures a collision shop follows these rules and makes the necessary repairs or adjustments if the shop violates these rules.

Fogle Collision is here for any of our customers should they have a concern over their repairs or our procedures. We welcome feedback at any time so we can continuously improve what we do and provide customers the best quality collision repair. Contact us for a free estimate and we will exceed your expectations for auto body repair.

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