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Are you learning how to parallel park? If you’re a new driver, this can be the most daunting kind of parking. Parallel parking is most useful in urban areas where parking lots are not readily provided or in residential areas. Knowing this skill can make your driving experience less stressful and can get you closer to where you need to go when no other spots are available.

Watch: Our parallel parking pro Daisy demonstrates her techniques for proper street parking.

Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Find a space that fits your car and your skills. Find something a little wider if you’re new to parallel parking. This allows you more room for trial and error.
  2. Utilize a back-up camera if you have one. This can help you get closer to the car behind you without bumping into them.
  3. Turn on your blinker when you go to park. Letting the car behind you know that you’re parking will make it easier for both of you.
  4. Practice helps. It seems daunting to parallel park when you absolutely have to, so many people have little inclination to practice. But doing this can help you become confident and skilled. Watch Daisy demonstrate her parallel parking techniques above.

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