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Category: Auto Painting

What if I need hail damage repair?

Hailstorms in Texas take a toll on vehicles. They can leave behind a Texas-sized path of destruction to property, including cars. That leaves many car owners in need of hail damage repair. According to a recent study, Williamson County comes in at #17 for the most wind and hail insurance claims in Texas during the…

Small round dents stand out on the roof of a dark blue car.

Why a lifetime warranty is more than a guarantee

When you get your vehicle fixed after a crash, you expect your collision repair to last. Obviously, it doesn’t always happen. This is why it is important to have repairs made at a body shop that offers a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty means the shop guarantees their work will be the best quality, and…

Two people in business attire look at a document on a clipboard.

Paint jobs that are environment-friendly

Quality has always been a top consideration for collision repair shops when purchasing paint. But recently, many have had a growing concern for the effects of our products on the environment. Choosing a body shop that will provide quality and be friendly to the environment takes research. When it comes to paints, ask body shops…

A pair of hands cup some soil with a sprout growing from it.

The hottest auto paint trends for 2018

The first cars available for purchase did not offer a variety of color choices. All the vehicles were in black because the luxury was owning a car, not the color. Now there are a variety of colors and styles for auto paint, and you can have any or all of them on your car. Auto…

A car is parked at night with a lights lining the highway behind it. The car is iridescent with greens, blues, and some pink.

What to know before you get your car painted

  Auto painting can give your vehicle an entirely new, fresh look. Some car owners decide to refresh the same color, change the color, or have a design painted on their vehicle. Painting takes time and money and it is important to consider the complete process before committing to the work. Painting a car should…

a yellow volkswagon bug is prepped to be repainted in a paint booth and a fresh coat on the hood.

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