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When a car has been damaged in a wreck, some of the damage will be obvious, such as a broken taillight or a dented door. What is not immediately noticeable, and may not be possible to see unless you are a properly trained auto body repair expert, is any damage that may be behind the body of the vehicle.

Technicians are trained to look for damage in the operating parts and the computer system within a car. They know if there is further damage beyond the cosmetics of the vehicle.

A Dent May Not Be Just a Dent

Never assume that if a collision is minor that the damage is just a dent. For example, if someone backs into your car and puts a dent in your car door, there could be further damage inside the door, such as the power windows not operating properly.

If the dents are much larger and more caved in to the vehicle, the car should definitely be inspected by a technician for safety reasons. As an auto body shop in Houston and the surrounding area for many years, we offer free repair estimates so our customers can determine if they want or need to repair the car.

Review the Estimate

When you bring your vehicle in to a Houston body shop, the location should give you a repair estimate. At Fogle Collision Center, we provide free estimates for all customers. This estimate explains the cost for parts and the labor to repair the vehicle. Be sure to review the estimate and ask any questions before the work begins so that you have a good understanding of what you are paying to fix.

The helpful team at Fogle will explain the estimate to you and can answer any questions you have regarding the cost and process.

Fogle Collision has a simple way to get the estimate process started. Visit our new Smartphone Estimating Tool and you will get a repair estimate within 24 hours of submitting photos. This estimate is preliminary to give you an initial idea of the cost because it is based on damage that is visible in the photos. Once a technician takes a close look at the vehicle, we can determine if there is further damage underneath the body of the car. Download the tool today so you have it ready if you do get into an accident.


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